i upgraded to the latest version of YAF, and i wanted to give a heads up to what I went through.

first , make a backup of your database. Do this in sql mgr. Then do a restore to a new database from that backup.
On the server unzip the download for the new code to a new folder.
edit the recommendedweb.config to just be named web.config
edit the mail.config and app.configs to what you used before, but edit the db.config to point to the NEW database you just created from the restore.
Now, copy from our old version to the new version's install folder all missing files (following the readme about what folders to delete, what folders to keep.. match that up)
Now, run the installer from <yoursite>/install.
after that.. yer up!
now, if you configured the main page , or the rules.txt, or the icons.. you'll have to adjust for those.

but thats it.. after that it works great. only issue ive found is some users cant log in.
if you reset thier pw, they can log right in.

once you confirm it works.. adjust the server to point to that new dir and yer live!

Some issues I came across upgrading from 1.9.1 source.

URLRewrite config wasn't in the project, had to add it.
Added a reference tothe URL Rewrite project so it included the dll when publishing.

I set the commandtimeout in the source to a longer time because when I did the upgrage it would timeout. When I tried the upgrade again, it would act like it worked, but it didn't migrate my users. When I scrapped the database and tried again, everything migrated properly.

There were some files in the project that didn't exist in zip so I had to delete them from the project (just medals and a manifest.xml in the root).

My safe method for attempting the move (assumes you're not using a host, and do the typical recommended stuff):

Stop the website.
Detach the database.
Copy database to a new location.
Publish website to new location.
Attach database at new location.
Point IIS to new location.

Try it. If you fail and need to revert all you have to do is point IIS at the old site and the database to the original. Just recopy the database when you want to try again.

My site has slow traffic, so it's not too big a deal for me to do it this way. Besides, it's rather easy/quick to bring up and down and test in this fashion.

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