Will Chen
Just upgraded to 1.9.4 RC4 and have a customized Default.aspx page. There were a couple additional steps which you'll need to do to accomplish a clean upgrade in addition to following the readme file upgrade instructions...

1. If you haven't customized any of the code in the APP Code folder, delete the YAF folder located in the APP Code folder. All this code has been moved to the bin folder in the update. If you don't delete the YAF folder, you'll get a compilation error.

2. Previously, the reference to the YAF object in a customized page (see the advanced.aspx page) was inclusion of the following reference at the top of the file: <%@ Import Namespace="YAF.Classes.Core" %>.

This needs to be replaced with the following line of code: <%@ Register TagPrefix="YAF" Assembly="YAF" Namespace="YAF" %>

3. There is a single line difference in the web config which you'll need to merge as well.

Then...presto! You're up and running...
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