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The switching of Show and Hide quickreply doesn't work in newer browsers.

IE8 in IE7 mode works. Newer FF,Chrome, Opera and Safari won't switch the text

The text on the right side of QuickReply when clicked to open the input textarea

should change values, and if using an image for expand and collapse doesn't switch.

Cause of Problem is case sensitive selection with GetElementbyId.

Fix. Source code required

YAF.CONTROLS Datapanel.cs

#914 Change lowercase a in actionlink to uppercase like so

this._actionLink.ID = ID + "_actionLink";

this._actionLink.ID = ID + "_ActionLink";

And in /resources/js/DataPanel.js

function DataPanel_ExpandCollapseImage(hd, cht, cha, st, ex, cl, tc, te)
	var elImg = (document.getElementById(cha)).getElementsByTagName("img");
	if(document.getElementById(hd).style.display == '')
		document.getElementById(hd).style.display = 'none';
		if(cht != '')
			document.getElementById(cht).title = te;
		elImg[0].src = ex;
		elImg[0].alt = te;
		elImg[0].title = te;//ADDED LINE
		document.getElementById(st).value = 'true';
		document.getElementById(hd).style.display = '';
		if(cht != '')
			document.getElementById(cht).title = tc;
		elImg[0].src = cl;
		elImg[0].alt = tc;
		elImg[0].title = tc;//ADDED LINE
		document.getElementById(st).value = 'false';

Rebuild YAF.CONTROLS and all is well. Text, Images and Tooltip will switch correctly.

IE7 places the post button on top of the textarea fix
resources/css/forum.css change from 100px to 100%

.yafnet .quickReplyLine
	padding: 5px 10px 5px 5px;

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Thanks, logan. I've applied it to svn. It seems to work fine with all browser versions 🙂.

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