Hello Everyone,

I am running YAF version and I am very happy with it. The one thing I'd like to improve is integrate it into my site stats by inserting the code needed to have forum views logged. Where would be the best to place the code? Is there a "bottleneck" file that everyone has to go through to get to anywhere on my forum? If so what is it?

Thanks very much in advance for any advice.


Are you trying to track the actual threads that people view?

If so perhaps you should just hit the database. In the table [yaf_Topic] (assuming you have the default database object prefix) you have the topic text & view count.

If you're using a service that parses logs etc. The page you have the <YAF:forum /> control is the page to check. "g=forum" is just the forum list. "g=topics&f=5" is a topic list with the forum id 5. "g=posts&t=3" is a topic with the id of 3.

Again I'd hit the database if you can, otherwise you're going to have to root around in the user controls etc to grab the information on the front end.

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