Hi there

Our website provider has pulled the plug on our website, so the website is now down.

On the website, we had access to a closed group YAFnet forum.

Please can you tell me how we regain access to this forum

The forum was for the Hacienda Riquelme Community of Owners.

I am sure that we can have direct access to this forum, without going through our website. How can this be done.

(Sorry, but I am not very techy)


John Barr
HRGR web admin
The only way to access the data would be to access the database via the sql database. But what is the reason that the ISP shut down the site? Its not possible to contact the ISP to get access back to at least backup the data?
Hi there, thanks for your response

The website was pulled by the person who created it, because they had a fall out with the administrators of the resort. Rather like a child taking his football home.
If you dont have any login credentials for access the site, you have no option to restore the data.

As I write before the onky option would be to contact the web host er.

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