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Hello all,

After updating the dutch.xml file, I was able to integrate the forum into an existing website, with a dutch interface. But now I have a problem when posting replies in a website integrated forum. The problem does not exist when posting a reply in a standalone forum (with pretty much the same configuration settings).

Version of YAF: 1.9.3, revision 2231 (latest).
Target Framework: 3.5 (instead of 2.0)
IIS 7 (Classic Managed Pipeline)

Class in which the error occurs: ForumJump.cs
Line number: 57
int.TryParse(postCollection[postDataKey], out forumID)

The above statement results in an error, the forumID can't be retrieved out of the postCollection variable. In a standalone forum the statement is performed without problems.

Can someone look into this error? Because it's a real deal breaker.

Also the SmartScroller.cs file has to be modified to work without Javascript errors in an website integrated forum. The modified SmartScroller.cs class is attached.

Also the modified dutch.xml language file is attached. These modifications to the language file are needed to work with the 1.9.3 version of YAF.
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SmartScroller.cs (5kb) downloaded 42 time(s).
dutch.xml (58kb) downloaded 36 time(s).
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Hello all,

After updating my repository checkout, I've noticed that the file in which an error occurs (ForumJump.cs), when used in combination with a website integrated forum, is updated in revision 2247.

Is this update possibly related to the error I reported?

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It turns out that adding a scriptmanager to the page results in the reported error message.

The forum is integrated in a page which is based on a custom template class. The OnLoad event of this class adds an scriptmanager to the page if none present like this:

ScriptManager sm = ScriptManager.GetCurrent((System.Web.UI.Page)this);

if (sm == null) {
sm = new ScriptManager();
sm.ID = "ScriptManager1";
sm.EnablePartialRendering = true;

Form.Controls.AddAt(0, sm);

Does anyone know why YAF has a problem with this?

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