hey.. I love YAF.. great stuff guys\gals!
www.silveradoss.net  is where im using it!!

im still learning how to customize it. im trying to learn how to make a seperate moderators board thats live at the same time, using the same credentials as the current board, and how to do some other things, such as ..
i want to add some jpg's on the main page by the forum titles, but i cant do that by editing the page in a gui editor like front page or something cuz i know that wont save those changes in the database.
is there a way to add a jpg or gif by the forum titles
for example on my forum, down by "Intimidator SS", i want to add a jpg i have for that type of truck right next to the title of that section. but how?

also,.. i am axiously awaiting the next release to use that nifty shoutbox!!!! anyone with hint on how to make the theme more chevy truck central would be greatly appreciated~!! thanks
To do what you want, your going to have to modify the topic forum display control. Add an image field, db field(s), and corresponding settings in "board settings" to display (or not) the image you want.

I'd also rethink you new/no new post images your using. There rather big!

But good work! Keep at it!


.....the man in black fled across the desert..........and the gunslinger followed.....
thanks for the feedback and info.
i just dont know how to modify that control. im not the best programmer.
Now's your chance to inprove that skill set! :P

.....the man in black fled across the desert..........and the gunslinger followed.....
hehehe true.. just point me in the direction of square one.. like how do you modify that control and ill go from there.
first...download the "src" for YAF. Second, go to the Microsoft (M$) site and download Visual Web Developer Express. Ya might also want to download the SQL 2005 and SQL Management Studio Express database engine.

Then build a new usercontrol to display (or not to display) your image. Open the file "ForumList.ascx". Decide where you want your image and insert the new usercontrol at that location.

If your not used to coding, this may take awhile, but keep at it. Once ya start, you'll get better and better. Trust me!


.....the man in black fled across the desert..........and the gunslinger followed.....
thanks ill... try. LOL
check it out now.. i resized the images
when i did that, the new\not new selections didnt seem to take effect until a new post went in, almost like the board needed to be reindexed or something..
i give up . .im lost.
ive been staring at vs for hours.. im lost.
couldnt i simply edit editform.ascx and do this

<td class="postheader"><b>Description:</b><br />
A description of the forum.</td>
<td class="post">
<asp:textbox id="Description" runat="server" cssclass="edit"></asp:textbox></td>
<td class="postheader"><b>Image:</b><br />
An Image for the forum to Identify it to the members.</td>
<td class="post">
<asp:Image runat="server" id="Image1"></asp:Image>

wouldnt that give me a section on that form in which to imput an image and thus it would put it on that forum?
or am i really really really dumb?
Well.....give it a try, see what happens!
.....the man in black fled across the desert..........and the gunslinger followed.....

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